• Cleanliness of ventilation ducts - a swab method
  • Cleanliness of ventilation ducts - impression method
  • Examination of air cleanliness in ventilation ducts - sedimentation method


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The collected samples are transferred to an independent testing laboratory, where the obtained results are compared with the acceptable range. 







A sampler made of plastic, finished with a cotton, is used to collect the swab. This method is used to assess the cleanliness of surfaces with a significant degree of pollution. Smooth sponges that are applied to larger surfaces are another method of swabbing. After sampling, the sample is packaged in sterile bags.

Imprint method - it consists in taking a sample with an imprint plate filled with appropriate growth medium. The method is used to determine the degree of microbial contamination of smooth surfaces, flat production surfaces, packaging films, lids, etc.

In the sedimentation method, the open tiles are left for 30 minutes at a height of 1 meter from the floor. For the collection of samples, plates containing substrates with neutralizers are used. The embryos should mature for 48 hours at 37 ° C (TSA) or for 10 days at 28 ° C (Sabouraud).

Samples from the surface being subject to the cleaning and disinfection process are collected just after the end of the cleaning procedure.

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